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that's it for this special report. fair, balanced and unafraid, happy new year. welcome to a special edition of the fox report. tonight with limited commercial interruptions. today the identity of the bomber who blew up the c.i.a. agent, plus tighter security at our airports. i'm shepherd smith, the news starts now. we're supposed to be seeing new procedures for folks flying to the united states. but are airports following the rules? tonight checking on your security situation. and why your treatment will depend not only on where you're from, but where you've been. but following a green beret as he goes off to war. >> i feel more nervous more for her and the kids.
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>> tonight one man's mission and the impact on those left behind. and a tremendous accomplishment. teams finally unveil the tallest structure that man has ever created. today a deadly shootout inside a federal building in las vegas. investigators say a man wearing black walked into the lobby of a federal courthouse, pulled out a shotgun from his jacket and opened fire. all of the video from that incident in just a moment. seven u.s. marshalls and security officers later responded with a hail of bullets. one court officer is dead tonight. a deputy u.s. marshal is in the hospital tonight and the gunman was shot and killed. so why did he do it? now we've learned he was upset because he lost a lawsuit. more on the motive in just a moment. the shooting lasted, we're told, for several minutes.
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witnesses describing at least 30 to 40 shots coming if that building, which contain has courthouse, along with officers for federal officials, including two senator, harry reid and john ensign, neither who was there. witnesses say the gunman tried to run but got across the street, then officers shot and killed him. take a look where this happened, about a mile north of the casinos on the vegas strip. one witness, a man who was at the courthouse for jury duty, turned on his video camera or his cell phone, really, once the shots began. >> shooting outside the las vegas courthouse. holy (bleep). (shots firing) unbelievable.
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hell of a morning for jury duty. (shots fired. ) they got him. >> and they did get him. earlier today on studio b, the man who recorded that video described what he saw and heard. >> he's not really going to miss that gun fire in the city streets. like you saw, i moved behind a tree. i did see the gunman running with the rich and i saw him enter that building that was just to the west of the courthouse. so i did pull my camera out. it was an intense experience.
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>> since that interview, we've learned much more about the attack and the suspect's apparent motive. adam housley is tracking that and he's live on the west coast. why did he do it? >> reporter: first of all, we have the name now of the suspect. 66-year-old johnny lee wicks. he's well-known to the courthouse. multiple sources and multiple reports saying he was upset with his social security benefits, that he even filed a lawsuit back in 2008, but a judge threw out that lawsuit and he had been known for complaining about it before the lawsuit and since, multiple sources saying this guy walked up and basically opened fire because he was upset that he did not get his way with his social security benefits. >> so many shots fired. you wonder how it was that only that few people were hurt. >> reporter: yeah. we're getting a better idea of what happened. seven different federal agents ran out of the building and opened fire. we had a couple different law enforcement sources that we use here in los angeles that say they hear as many as 56 shots, all coming from the same type of
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weapon. that would make sense. but it is quite a miracle, maybe because it's monday morning after a holiday. we know from firsthand experience usually by that time of morning, at that federal courthouse, there are more people outside. we know of at least ten close witnesses that had been taken in for interviewing at some point during the day, including the man who took the video that you spoke to. >> the man who was shot and killed, the guard there, was a security guard. the shooter never got past security, did he? >> reporter: right. we have his name, too. a court officer, 65-year-old stanley cooper, he's retired from the las vegas police department, 26 years there. he had been a security officer for 15 years at the courthouse and it's the first courthouse that was built with the new security standards after the oklahoma city bombings. only open five years. like all federal courthouses, literally as the front doors open, that's where security is. you can hardly step inside at all before you go through a metal detector and reports say that as those doors opened, this suspect pulled up the shotgun from under his black coat and
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opened fire at two of the officers standing there and then turned and ran. that's when the federal agents chased him out into the streets. >> adam on the situation in las vegas. breaking the rules now, and we're getting reports that some international airports are flat out ignoring new security measures for travelers flying to the united states. our transportation security administration ordered these new procedures after a nigerian passenger was accused of trying to blow um a plane headed to detroit on christmas day. the feds say the new procedures include patting people down, searching carryon bag, performing full body scans and using machines that detect explosives. those enhanced techniques, as they call them, apply to citizens from 14 countries, along with anyone who has just traveled through those countries. but here is the problem. security forces in other nations have to cooperate for this to work at all and it seems some are reluctant. for instance, we're not hearing of any visible changes in airports in syria, algeria, libya, or lebanon.
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and one aviation official in lebanon specifically told the associated press, everything is the same. there is no extra security. not all that reassuring. at least some cooperation reported in pakistan. a spokesman for the national airline there says the carrier started following the new rules for passengers headed to the u.s. nigeria appears to be on board. airport staffers in the country's largest city warned some travelers to show up more than seven hours before a flight from lagos to atlanta to allow for all the extra screening. european travelers also bracing for checkpoint hangups. >> it is necessary. unfortunately, there is a heightened security risk and it's one of these things that people just have to put up with and do. i'm happy that the system here is efficient and i would rather have a little more time in my travels and a safe efficient ride than something bad happening. >> i feel like it is for our safety, so it doesn't bother me. >> even if everyone cooperates, our system here in the united states has to work correctly.
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we recently had a very big bit of trouble with that last night. i was in the middle of it. laura ingle at newark liberty airport tonight in newark, new jersey. flights still behind today after security scare yesterday and into the light, laura. >> reporter: hey, a lot of leftover frustration from last night's incident. airport officials here at newark say operations are pretty much back to normal. but as you mentioned, there were scores of people who were delayed, stranded, who had to come back today to try to make those missed connections. it was an absolute huge mess. the tsa officer who was in charge of the area where a man slipped through a secure screening area has been reassigned tonight to a different area while an investigation goes on. the man who slipped through security and then left the building, according to security tapes, still hasn't been found. here is something interesting. the tsa does not have immediate access to security tapes in the security area. what happened last night? they had to call up continental
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airlines who operates terminal c and ask them for permission to look at the tapes to get the tape. that whole process took two hours before they could rewind it all and see exactly what happened. >> i happened to be on a flight from dallas last night stuck at that airport stuck on the tarmac. once we got inside, the video we showed was accidenttive. it was shoulder to shoulder, thousands of people in the frigid cold. are people going to notice any security differences when they fly within the united states? >> reporter: not really. these new tsa regulations that we've been talking about really pertain to people who have passports from the 14 countries on the state department's watch list. if you don't have one of those passports, your pretty much okay because within the united states, generally you use a driver's license to get through security. but the tsa has said that if you raise suspicion and bring any reason to suspect you're going to cause problems, chances are you'll go through the full body
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pat downs. >> that's comforting, but the fact that some countries overseas isn't. is the united states applying pressure here? >> reporter: we understand tsa officials have said that they will issue some warnings, possibly fines, and ultimately, if airlines don't comply with overseas, then they ultimately may be banned from flying into the united states. >> i wonder how they're responding to that. >> reporter: well, so far tonight, this is all very new. so we're still waiting for reaction from that. as you mentioned at the top of the show, it seems as though these compliances are a bit spotty. >> we've seen time and again the terrorists, while vile, are intelligent. we have these 14 countries to focus on, they'll bring somebody from a country that's not on that list. >> reporter: that civil rights activist have been speaking out, saying these new rules equate to discrimination and profiling and they're very angry. we'll hear a lot of that in the days to come.
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>> laura ingle at newark airport. in the wake of these security issue, government officials are quietly making changes to the official no fly list. the one that's meant to keep dangerous people from getting on the planes in the first place. we'll find out what the feds are doing and why and some new names on that list, that's coming up in a few minutes inside fox report. first i want to get to yemen where the detroit terror suspect got his training and explosives. the local branch of al-qaeda has claimed responsibility for that failed attack on christmas day. tonight the united states and british embassies in yemen are closed for a second straight day after the feds warned of threats from al-qaeda. three other countries have closed their embassies there as well. no word on when the americans will reopen. the state department reports it's deciding that on a day-to-day basis. yemeni security forces tell us they killed two suspected al-qaeda militants today in clashes outside the capital. the u.s. reports al-qaeda has hundreds of members in yemen,
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hundreds who are actively plotting attacks on american targets. >> we see global implications from the war in yemen and the ongoing efforts by al-qaeda in yemen to use it as a base for terrorist attacks far beyond the region. >> the director of the local branch of al-qaeda there really used to be al-qaeda in saudi arabia and yemen and now it's one thing, al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula. that leader released from guantanamo bay back in 2007, and that's raising questions about what the united states should do with dozens of the detainees still at gitmo. our seniors who correspondent is there tonight. what are the plans for those detainees? >> the white house still contends those 90 or so detainees of guantanamo bay who came from yemen are going to go back there, at least their cases are going to be eevaluated one by one and the administration
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says it has no prohibition on repate crating them back to their home country, even though republicans and democrats and congress has said stop. at least for now, don't send any detainees back to yemen. this could become an issue for the white house as it seeks funding from congress to close guantanamo bay and acquire that thompson security prison in illinois. it could block the money, which could slow down even more the process of closing good-bye -- guantanamo bay. the president wanted it closed by the end of this month originally. that's not going to happen. >> one of the things that surprised me here is people suddenly think this yemen problem is brand-new, as if they forgot about the uss cole. how is yemen responding to the closing of these embassies? >> yemen is increasing its efforts, as you mentioned in the opening, dealing with what it believes to be pockets of strength, found pockets of strength of al-qaeda within its borders.
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but the problem with yemen is it is nearly a failed state. not entirely, but it has many, many problems. i talked to robert jordan who is a former u.s. ambassador to the neighboring country to the north, saudi arabia, he offered this observation. >> we have a tinder box here that is not properly governed. we have a government, a society that has been called corrupt, inefficient and inept. this requires major civilian building blocks for the next several years to keep them from becoming a failed state. in the process, we've got to keep our eye on the ball, the growing terrorist threat gathering there. >> $67 million in u.s. taxpayer funds go to counter terrorism efforts in yemen. the head of central command has said the united states will more than double that next year. congress has to okay that increased allocation. >> president obama gave an update today on yemen and that failed airline attack. what did he say? >> he received it. the president did not speak
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about this at all. we'll probably here from him tomorrow after a large cabinet level meeting tomorrow. he was briefed in the oval office by homeland security official john brennan. the white house released this photo of the meeting at the oval office, went for more than a couple hours. couple of updates, john brennan told the president that there were numerous intelligence and procedural failures at the human level. not that intelligence wasn't shared. it wasn't shared rapidly enough to prevent that potential bomber from boarding the flight and he also updated the president on those yemeni efforts to deal with al-qaeda and when and if the u.s. embassy will be reopened in the capital. >> major garrett live from the white house on the situation in yemen. by the way, yemen is a little more than 200,000 square miles. a big country, about the size of france. the population, around 20 million, the same as that of new york state. as for income, they make on average, 800 bucks a year. the literacy rate? half of the country said to be able to read and write in the
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native language. disturbing new information on the deadly suicide blast at a c.i.a. post in afghanistan. it left eight people dead, including seven american c.i.a. agents and employees. intelligence source now tells fox news that the suicide bomber who carried out last week's attacks in the city was an extremist double agent. a man who had been recruited by that country's intelligence service to track down prominent al-qaeda leader. the bombing last wednesday killed six c.i.a. officerses, three security guards hired by the agency. in a statement on the incident released today, a senior u.s. intelligence officials tells fox news, relentless effort and aggressive successful counter terrorism operations will avenge the attack. some very bad people will eventually have a very bad day. jonathan hunt is live in new york with more on this. the jordanians thought this guy was going to lead them to a top
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al-qaeda leadership or so it seems. >> yeah. not just the jordanians. clearly the c.i.a. bought into that. this was clearly a very effective double agent who had convinced the jordanians and the americans that he could get them close to the al-qaeda number two. obviously that would be a huge get for the united states in the war on terror if they could do that. they believed this guy could help them do it and that is why he got so close, close enough to carry out that sort of deadly attack that he did. >> we understand this man was allowed on the base, there was no pat down, there was no search. and my understanding of it all is that he was a man who they had grown to trust, had brought him in and getting great information from him. >> yeah. our reporting tonight suggests that he had worked with the c.i.a. before. clearly he had worked for sometime with the jordanian intelligence agency and they simply trusted him. we're told that it is not unusual, if you have worked with an intelligent asset before, you
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trust that person, it is not unusual for them to be allowed onto a base with american personnel without being searched. that is obviously a sign of the trust you have in them. it is giving them respect. that's what happened here as it turns out, it was a tragic and deadly mistake. >> i'm guessing a policy change is on the way. jordanian intelligence has been a real key ally for the united states, going back really as far as i can remember. is this likely to cause problems between jordan and the c.i.a.? >> it's an embarrassment for the jordanians and a tragic embarrassment at that. it cannot be allowed to affect the work, the joint work between the c.i.a. and the jordanian agency because that is so vital to the united states. we should also point out that according to a report from the middle east media research institute based in washington, d.c., jordanian newspaper reports are quoting government sources there, saying that this man was not a jordanian and did not work with jordanian intelligence.
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so clearly there is more to learn on all this. >> jonathan hunt on the new developments as we know them regarding this jordanian. jonathan is taking your questions in a live chat ed addition, fox you can see it circled on your screen. you can put in the questions and he'll give you answers. right now at fox new details with a suspect in the thanksgiving family massacre here in the u.s. one of the victims, this little girl, her father patrolling his home with a shotgun until at least the killer was captured. tonight he's put down that gun. but the family's trauma is far from over. the father's story and brand-new information in his own words next. we know it's supposed to be cold in january. but for many of you, it's bordering on ridiculous, not to mention dangerous. details on the deep freeze in the east coast and how long it's
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expected to last. this is a special edition of the fox report with limited commercial interruptions. happy new year. we're back in one minute.
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he said he stood guard over his own home after four of his family members were murdered on thanksgiving day. he says he was afraid that killer would come back and as he put it, finish the job. >> figured if this guy wanted to come in, like kamikaze and wasn't worried about himself, that i was patrolling the inside of my house with my shotgun going from window to window. i saw myself as the last line of defense. i wasn't going to let him kill my wife or my father-in-law. >> that man breathing more easily tonight, now that police have arrested the suspect in that thanksgiving day rampage. paul marriage is his name. he's also a member of his family. he's accused of gunning down his twin sisters, as well as his aunt and his cousin,
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six-year-old girl in jupiter, florida. it was described how the scene unfolded during his very eyes, or before his eyes, during an interview today on studio b. >> it's thanksgiving and i haven't seen him in over ten years. so he sat down and had dinner with us. i talked to him about nfl football and small talk and there was no red flags went up and after dinner, we had coffee and dessert, got around a piano for a couple of hours and it was a very god honoring night and next thing i know, he waits 'til we're in the kitchen and packing up leftovers and all of a sudden, just pow, pow, pow, he starts shooting us like fish in a barrel. >> he's a long-time television news photographer. now at a station in the palm beaches, has been a photographer for 25 years.
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he described in graphic detail how his little girl died that day. >> i've been shooting news for 25 years. i've never heard of anyone walking into a little girl's -- an innocent little girl's room while she's in bed and executing her. he shot her point-blank in the head and in the heart and at least one other place. i'm not even sure. it's unbelievable. i've never even heard of that. children get caught in cross fire or drive-by, but what kind of evil, violent man would enter a little girl's room like that? >> right now the suspect held at the mental evaluation unit of the palm beach county jail and is charged with four counts of murder. phil keating works florida and is live in our florida news room. i guess we're anticipating an insanity defense, at least in part to try to avoid the death penalty here. >> reporter: that's what a lot of florida defense lawmakers are anticipating and especially defense attorneys. keep in mind, his family says
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that he has long suffered from depression and anxiety disorder, but here are some problems he would face pleading insane. number one, after thanksgiving he changed his appearance, completely shaving his head and growing a beard. in preparation for the alleged murders, according to investigators, they say he with drew 12 grand in cash, bought four hand guns, and got his passport, all in planning it out. after thanksgiving, he successfully avoided being caught in a remote stretch of the florida keys, all evidence against him that he is, in fact, legally speaking, sane. he knows the difference between right and wrong. >> we're showing pictures of a motel. my understanding is that this man checked into that motel and basically turned his room into a bunker. after all, this happened on thanksgiving. >> right. he used a fake name december 2, checked into the motel, paid in cash, two weeks up front. after that is correct the motel owner says he basically lived like a hermit. his car was parked outside, covered in a tarp to conceal it.
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u.s. marshalls tell me that inside his motel room, his mattress was stacked up against the door, so it was like a barricade. and also in the room was a stockpile of cans of beans, peanut butter, fig newtons, a lot of water, and also in that room, three tanks of helium. helium gas connect to do a rubber hose, connected to a plastic hood known as a helium hood which leads investigators to suspect he at least contemplated suicide, which his father has told investigators he did try to do 15 years ago. >> other family members have come forward to say he made threats regarding his own sister. >> yeah. carla, who is now dead, and he, her brother, had a long going feud. they each had traded domestic violence accusations against each other just three years ago. she told investigators in her attempt to get a restraining order against him that he told her, quote, i'm going to slit your throat and this time i am not going to go alone.
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referring to his previous suicide attempt. his father tells investigators he had a long simmering feud with every member of his family, always accusing them, every time he saw them, of not doing nearly enough to help him. >> tonight he's in jail. fox news is on the job hunt for a look at how some americans are reinventing themselves in this sour employment market. tonight a couple in atlanta out of work for some 18 months, he's a mortgage broker, she's an architect and they're discovering the best way to deal with the search for a new job is to keep working, anywhere they can. hi, jonathan in our atlanta news room. >> michael and carol gross say stay busy even if you have to rake leaves one day, only to put on a suit and tie the next. multiple jobs can produce multiple sources of income which go a long way in a down economy.
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>> thank you for coming in. >> reporter: before he was greeting bar patrons, michael was a successful mortgage broker. his wife, carol, an established architect. but when the housing market dried up last year, so did their livelihoods. >> the money is running out. the skill sets are still there. so we're still trying to find ways to reinvent ourselves and continue to earn an income. >> reporter: michael and a business partner recently took over the cheyenne grill in atlanta's sports bar. he puts in 150 hour workweek, but he says his love for cook and the people skills he developed in the mortgage business are a good fit for his new career. >> my dad taught me something a long time ago. business is business. so if you're successful here, if you understand how those skills translate, you can be successful somewhere else. >> tell us who you are. >> reporter: carol holds weekly coffee meetings with other architects and designers looking for work to critique resumes, offer each other support.
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>> it doesn't make sense to get depressed 'cause nothing is going to come of that. you got to try to keep your spirits high. >> in times like this, you just have to pull up your boot straps and go to work. you just work, work, work. stay focused on finding opportunities because it's multiple streams of income that make it in an economy like this. >> reporter: michael still runs his mortgage business, which he hopes will pick back up as the economy recovers. even so, he says he'll keep his new day job and carroll is hosting a design competition to renovate the bar. >> so the grosses say their solution is simple. they're taking the skills they learned in one industry and trying to translate it to another. but, of course, their positive attitude goes a long way. >> jonathan in atlanta this evening, thank you. for more on the nation's job market, head to you can click on the tab at the top of the page labeled, on the job hunt. you'll find an interactive map. click on the city to see
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employment story we've done on that area. only at remember all the fuss when it turned out a couple of uninvited guests made it to the white house dinner? it turns out they weren't the only crashers. what the secret service has just admitted on the special edition of the fox report with limited commercial interruption. we're back in one minute.
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i'm shepherd smith. you're on the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. the government's terror watch list and no fly list each just got longer. the feds say they added dozens of names from a database of suspected terrorists and tell us they went through thousands of names focusing on people from countries with ties to terrorism. the suspect in the attempted christmas day attack was in that database, but for some reason, was not on the no fly list. still the white house insists
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there was no smoking gun piece of intelligence that could have kept him off the plane. now live in washington, mike, still a lot of questions about really how the system apparently failed. >> reporter: it's finger pointing season here in washington. republicans saying they want to know how the suspect managed to get on a plane. here is susan collins from maine >> why was -- once we had such a radical report that they posed a threat? that, to me, is an even bigger failure than the failure to screen him effectively. >> collins is referring to the fact that the suspect's father actually went to the authorities and said he had concerns that his son was becoming radicalized. she wants to know how he ended up on the plane. >> secretary of state hillary clinton commented on really her department's role in all of this today. >> no question about that. she says obviously the
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administration is not satisfied with the way things went down on christmas day. she pointed to the internal review, but at the end of the day, clinton is obviously stepping up for the people in her department. >> based on what we know now, the state department fully complied with the requirements set forth in the inneragency process as to what should be doing when a threat is -- or when information about a potential threat is known. but we're looking to see whether those procedures need to be changed, upgraded. >> you can expect there will be plenty more on that. president obama hosting a big meeting tomorrow at the white house and so we should hear more from him on that. >> and politically speaking, strictly politically, there is ongoing argument over the obama administration's decision to treat him in american courts. this despite the fact that the supreme court ruled over and over on this very issue.
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>> you're right. of course, the obama administration says the bush administration tried some of these guys on their own. the shoe bomber, they felt like it was the right call to be made. they feel like they will be able to get actionable intelligence out of this guy at the appropriate time. others are concerned because he has lawyered up, so to speak. he was talking to american authorities. he's gotten quiet now. but they feel like ultimately when it comes to a plea deal, then he will be able to offer up some information, but there are concerns about we could use the information right now. >> clearly there are concerns. this is how the system works. the supreme court ruled again and again, and today senator joe lieberman is all over this, acting like this is a very serious mistake. >> absolutely right. he says this guy was trained and sent and ordered by al-qaeda and the arabian peninsula to go to the united states. this was an act of war and he feels like he should be in a military brig and that he should be interrogated like an enemy combatant. lieberman's position is not agreed to by the obama
7:34 pm
administration, but he is worried that there may be information this guy has about other people he may have trained with in yemen and that we need the information sooner than later and so that's why he's arguing that this guy should be trained -- treated like a combatant and not like somebody in our civilian courts. >> got you. mike emmanuel. thank you. now word of another party crasher at the white house state dinner. the secret service now reports a third person who was not on that guest list managed to get into the event for the indian prime minister in november. the secret service says it discovered the mystery guest during an investigation of the original party crashers. there they are. the secret service says the third person did go through security screening, just as these two did. he or she apparently tagged along with the indian government delegation, which the state department was supervising. >> there was a group that was under our responsibility that went from a local hotel to the white house and there was a
7:35 pm
person who was not authorized to be in that group who inserted himself or herself into that group. >> reporter: unlike the couple, he did not get near the president or first lady. the state department reports the new procedures are in place to better keep tabs on foreign delegations henceforth. to pakistan where today the five americans police reportedly arrested on a terror raid last month were in a pakinstani court for the very first time. and their defense is what's so interesting. security forces there claim the group was trying to link up with a militant group. but we're told the men who all disappeared from the washington, d.c. area in november, claim they were actually heading to afghanistan to help muslims affected by the war. one of the suspects, he even told the associated press, we are not terrorists. we are jihaddists. and jihad is not terrorism. there is the defense. police picked up the five men in a city about 125 miles south of
7:36 pm
the capital of islamabad. they have not filed formal charges. the five could be tried under pakistan's anti-terror laws, which could mean life sentences if they're convicted. the only person to stand trial in the united states for the attacks of 9-11 has lost a legal appeal. he was trying to get his conviction overturned and pleaded guilty to help plan the attacks and serving a life sentence. his lawyer says the plea was invalid because of some problems with evidence regarding his legal representation. the judge in his trial required that any attorney involved in the defense had to undergo a national security background check. his lawyer said that was unconstitutional. but a federal appeals court now disagrees and announced today the conviction will, in fact, stand. developing right now on the fox report, the f.b.i.'s investigating a series of anthrax scares across the state of alabama. this comes after somebody sent five letters containing white
7:37 pm
powder to offices of members of congress. those members include senator jeff sessions, senator richard shelby, representative bobby bright, and two separate offices of representative joe bonner. two federal courthouses were also closed after somebody found powder in envelopes or letters there. the feds say the letters are likely from the same source and that tests show the substance wasn't anthrax at all, although they will not say what it was. no soldier is a strange tore sacrifice. when you're a green beret heading to afghanistan for your third tour of duty, there is little doubt you know what awaits. for one particular member, something new on the home front is making his departure his most difficult yet. >> i'm going to eastern afghanistan. i don't really feel nervous for myself. i feel more nervous for her and the kids. >> here you go. you're all set. >> i'm worried about maybe what
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if it's my day. >> this is derek and that's natalie. >> they're three months right now. they should be a year old when i get back. i'm going to be missing first steps, walking, speaking. it's hard. but i made a choice. i just feel like i wanted to do something worthwhile. >> they go over there so the fight doesn't come here and i think a lot of americans have forgotten about that. >> joined the military on the 10th of september, 2002. >> was i surprised when he joined? no. i figured he was going to be just like his dad. my husband has been in the service for 29 years. both of them will be deployed within a month of each other. >> you will have your son and your husband deployed in afghanistan at the same time.
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>> the one main thing that we always have to discuss and that comes up with every deployment is talking about wills, which takes an emotional toll on you, trying to mentally prepare yourself before your spouse leaves. this could be it. every time your doorbell rings, who is at the door? is that someone telling me that you got to go to dover to meet your husband? 'cause he's not coming home? we're christian families, but turning to god for me helps me get through. >> why is it worth it to you to go and take that chance? >> i mean, i feel like i'm doing something. a lot of americans take freedom for granted. most of the people in my specific job field, there are the guys that send me first, send me. i want to be there. i want to make a difference.
7:40 pm
>> the realities of war and the war front at home, we'll continue to follow this story and keep you updated on this situation when we go back on the home front. now facebook, twitter and you tube, they're a mott earn trinity of social networking. some folks in utah are trying to turn them into something more. a way to bring home a missing mother. friends and family of susan powell now launching a social media blitz of sorts using the internet to try to draw attention to the utah woman who vanished now more than a month ago. >> seems like to us, since we're so in the middle. >> that everyone has to know. there have been two people who joined our facebook yesterday who said i barely saw this. >> if you've been watching here, you know her well. she disappeared from her home in salt lake city suburb leaving behind her cell phone and her purse. her husband says the last time he saw her, for some reason in the middle of the night, he was taking their two young children on a camping trip when it was well below freezing outside.
7:41 pm
police say that husband is at very least, a person of interest. but he says he has absolutely no idea what happened to his wife. just as he says he lost track of days and went back to work a day late. family and volunteers have spent weeks trying to find his wife. now this change in tactics and technology has one friend says, instead of rounding up 2,000 people to go knock on door, they would rather use the internet and contact 2 million. erica vaughn of fox 13 in salt lake city is with us. explain specifically what they're doing with this media blitz. >> reporter: hi. it's because there is no specific search area for people to get on the ground and physically look for susan. so they're using twitter, facebook, there is a new video on you tube. they're sending out a blast e-mail asking everyone who gets this e-mail to forward it on to five friends. today on the facebook page, the number of members just skyrocketed. it's now over 20,000. susan's father thanked everyone for their prayers and for having
7:42 pm
so many eyes looking for his daughter. we actually learned from west valley police today they have a detective monitoring all of these social web sites for any tips or leads or anything that could help them find susan and then other detectives prioritize and they have to weed out things that don't fit. they are willing to do it if it helps find her. >> if some of our viewers want to go to this facebook page, how do you friend them? >> it's a group page. pretty easy. look for friends and family of susan powell. if you got that e-mail, it will have several links to the twitter page, which is find susan on twitter, and it's out there. they want this thing to go viral. you would be hard pressed not to find those on the internet right now. >> i'm looking myself. you're exactly right. erica, thank you. got to get in a weather alert. lots of this country, especially the northeast getting hit with
7:43 pm
icebox temperatures to kick off the first week of the new year. i know, it's january. but a deep freeze setting in for much of the eastern half of the nation. check out these pictures from vermont. they get snow in vermont, but 33 inches in burlington over the weekend? that's an all-time single storm record, even for burlington, vermont. forecasters calling for temperatures 20 degrees below normal in states as far south as kentucky and tennessee. now domenica davis live. to rick leventhal outside our studios. it's chilly, but i mean, it's not that bad for new yorkers. >> it's in the teens with a wind chill in new york. accu-weather is predicting this could be the worst winter in 25 years. they're feeling it in north carolina where water fountains became ice sculptures overnight. there was a chance of snow in north carolina on thursday. in shreveport, louisiana, sand truckers standing by after they
7:44 pm
get a dusting of snow. in florida, farmers are worried, trying to protect their crops. but they're confident it won't last long enough to do significant job. >> the mid section seems to be in the deepest freeze. >> no did you tell about that. here are some numbers. st. louis could hit sub zero for the first time in 11 years. north dakota parks degrees below 0. in minneapolis, pretty erie seen this morning with steam rising off the mississippi river. the temperature in the twin cities, 9 below 0 without the wind chill. >> they're not getting the snow that the extreme northeast is. >> no, but there was a lot of snow falling across upstate new york. you mentioned vermont and in cleveland, they got a foot of snow over the weekend that extended the winter break for some school kids. they could get another foot there. by the way, upstate new york beat the vermont record. they got 42 inches over the weekend. again, right now just very, very cold here in new york city. we could get snow later in the week.
7:45 pm
>> so get inside. thank you. frigid temperatures expected to stick around across much of the nation. domenica davis is in our extreme weather center. sounds like it's time to rent a movie. >> absolutely. i'm happy i'm inside. tonight's lows that go all the way down to the south over the next two nights. we'll be looking at some of the coldest lows that we have seen in a long time. certainly challenging some records. so tonight, tomorrow night, we're going to see really frigid air coming in all the way down to the south. that's why they have those frost and freeze warnings. 30 for the expected low tomorrow morning. 36 in fort miers. 38 in miami. you can see it is bitterly cold. nashville, 10 degrees. this is all happening because we have this blocking pattern. it's basically two large areas of pressure that are set up over the eastern part of north america and it keeps feeding in this cold air from canada and sinking it south. so these below normal temperatures where it's 20 degrees below normal in the deep south, that will stick
7:46 pm
around for what looks like at least the next couple of weeks with that pattern set in place. so tomorrow's highs, it will be the same old story, very chilly here. 34 only for atlanta. 31 in memphis and keep out the coats because this will last for the next several days, if not weeks. >> winter. domenica davis in the extreme weather center, thank you. under the process known as eminent domain, the government can take over private land with or without your permission. in washington state, one city is looking to seize a privately owned parking lot and build a new development in its place. as is often the case when it comes to eminent domain, the owners are fighting back. now from seattle with dan springer. >> reporter: that is right. the city has condemn that had parking lot property, but it's not a done deal yet until the city files with the county. that's why the owners of the property are putting a lot of pressure on the city, hoping it
7:47 pm
changeses its mind. right next to the runway of the seattle-tacoma airport, the city is in the middle of a property rights battle after condemning this 45-acre parcel owned by doris and run as a park and fly business. >> i believe property rights is a human right and not only for ourselves, but for other property owners and in general, i have to fight it. >> reporter: they offered her $2 million less than what they paid for the land in 2007. officials refused to be interviewed on camera, but documents show their plans for the land which currently house has private parking lot, include a public parking garage. the rest of the property would be turned over to a private developer to build hotels, shops and restaurants. >> we have a desire and we believe that our citizens have a desire to drive through a city which is more than just park and flies, which is more than just parking lots.
7:48 pm
>> reporter: washington constitution says government can't take private land for private ventures, but the state supreme court has ruled to the contrary, allowing for eminent domain where the goal is economic development. the state attorney general says the justices got it wrong. >> condemnation should only be used for true public uses. if you're going to build a fire station, a park, a street. those are public uses. but taking away someone's private property to turn it over to private redevelopment just so you can generate more tax revenue, i don't think that's what the framers of either the federal constitution or the state constitution had in mind. >> reporter: the u.s. supreme court opened the door for these types of takings with its controversial rule ago few years back. in response to that ruling, a lot of states passed laws protecting property rights. washington was not one of them. >> dan springer live in the pacific northwest. thank you. now it stretches more than a half mile into the sky. it's the tallest structure
7:49 pm
mankind has ever created. now it's officially open. how much taller is it than the empire state building? wait until you hear this, plus welcome back. bloggo. the first guy in the cube for 2010. looking good, isn't he? we'll find out what he did to earn that honor. speaking of honored guests, jonathan hunt chatting with you live at fox we'll check in with him when we come back in 55 seconds.
7:50 pm
secretary of state hillary clinton says the united states and its allies are discussing ways to pressure iran to give up its nuclear program. today secretary clinton said the united states has been talking with other countries about putting new sanctions on iran, serious ones. she says the goal is to pressure the iranian government without harming civilians in that country and that is a difficult task. the white house spokesman said that iran could avoid those
7:51 pm
sanctions by coming back to the negotiations aimed at scaling back the nuclear program there. new signs of an increasingly restless population inside iran. a pro-reform web site reports that nearly 90 professors at tehran university signed a letter to iran's supreme leader that is the religious side of things. it says violence against demonstrators shows the weakness of the country's leaders. sporadic protests have been boiling up since the june elections. now here it is, the persian gulf city state known as dubai has the tallest building by a long shot. it officially opened its doors today. >> a huge accomplishment demands a celebration.
7:52 pm
fireworks. developments describe it as a vertical city, with offerses and luxury offices and 200 floors. on a clear day, you can see the top of the building from almost 60 miles away. that's because it's a record-setting 2700 feet tall. more than 1,000 feet higher than the previous record holders, taipei in taiwan and the towers in malaysia. this is 50 stories higher than america's tallest building, chicago's willis tower, once known as the sears tower. and it's more than twice as tall as the empire state building. >> this is the highest, the biggest, but will human beings really enjoy this building? >> reporter: there is plenty to enjoy, including four swimming pools, the world's tallest performing fountain, a private library, and a hotel designed by giorgio armani. to help folks reach their destination, it includes 57 elevators. construction on this began back
7:53 pm
in 2004 and involved some 12,000 workers. at times they were adding a floor every three days. the developer tells us it cost about 1.5 billion u.s. dollars total. but the project casting a shadow on dubai. it's been struggling with massive loads of debt and many buildings which are largely vacant after a construction boom led to overbuilding and like much of the rest of the world, the real estate bubble in dubai burst. >> crises come and go and the world has gone through two years of difficult times. we must move on. >> reporter: dubai is moving on, at least for now, thanks to a multi billion dollar bailout from abu dhabi. as a thank you, dubai named it after abu dhabi's leader. prior to today, the tower was known as berje dubai. in case you're wondering, we don't know what's going to be on the top floor.
7:54 pm
we do know that a mosque will be at or near the tiptop. an suv ramming into a restaurant, killing a man who was having breakfast, top story on the fox trip across america. california, it happened in a carls junior. the vehicle slammed into the corner of the building, hitting a 66-year-old man who was sitting this in a booth. witnesses say that suv was going 45 to 50 miles an hour when it crashed. police say emergency workers took the 74-year-old driver to the hospital. the cause of the crash under investigation. indiana, firefighters running into trouble at the scene of a restaurant blaze in indianapolis when they discovered some fire hydrants weren't working properly. the fire captain says it took 15 minutes to find one that would produce water. >> i don't know if they haven't been used in a while or this cold spell has frozen them off.
7:55 pm
i don't know. but it is very difficult when you don't get water. >> not to mention the temperature was reportedly in the teens. the restaurant closed at the time, one firefighter hurt. minnesota, police say a man suspected of stealing $300 from an 88-year-old man has surrendered. the robbery victim says the cash was for his wife's funeral. >> i thought it was crazy. i thought do i got to bring a body guard to go into a bank with me? >> he and his wife were married 63 years. the bank decided to credit the stolen money to the victim's account. louisiana, how is this for team spirit? divers at new orleans aquarium sporting saints jerseys and other team memorabilia while cleaning tanks and feeding fish. the saints are the number one seed in the nfc playoffs. despite losing their last three games. they have a free pass into the second round of the playoffs and that's a fox watch across america.
7:56 pm
>> pro basketball now, and he says it's, well, a misunderstanding that began with a misguided joke. >> is that right? gilbert arenas of the washington wizards met with investigators and said in a statement that he took unloaded guns out of his locker at the city's verizon center on december 21 in an effort to play a joke on a teammate with the guns from his locker. in a statement released from his lawyer, he says, contrary to some press accounts, i never threatened or assaulted anyone with the guns that were in his locker. and never pointed them at anyone. joke or not, i now recognize that what i did was a mistake and was wrong. well, reports had claimed he and a teammate pulled guns on each other during an argument. guns that came from the locker. arenas said he turned his guns over to the cops. now to the fox reports chief correspondent jonathan hunt is answering your questions in
7:57 pm
on-line chat regarding terrorism. how are we doing? >> reporter: a lot of people logging on. a lot of people very concerned about this case with the c.i.a. officers who died in that attack in afghanistan. the revelations that we've confirmed tonight that it appears it was an asset, the jordanian intelligence agency. a lot of people asking the question we have, how on earth was this guy allowed to get on that base without being searched first? it appears that everybody simply trusted him. we've also got a couple of people asking if we will ever know more about the particular officers, about their private lives and their personal lives and the work they did. we know one of them was a woman, of course, who leaves three children behind. we published on the on-line chat some details of the c.i.a. officers memorial foundation for anyone who wants to go there and see what they can do to pay tribute to those fallen agents in afghanistan. >> jonathan hunt. remember our old buddy, the former illinois governor, rod
7:58 pm
blah guy very much? he will be among 14 contestants on the new season. he still had serious legal troubles ahead, among them, charges he tried to sell a senate seat that was once occupied by our president. but the real battle may begin when his hairdo goes up against the golden main of the donald. top story updates, a man who reportedly upset about losing a lawsuit blamed for today's deadly shootout in a federal building in las vegas. the suspect reportedly killed a federal marshal before agents managed to gun him down. fox news can confirm that the suspect in last week's suicide bombing in afghanistan was a jordanian extremist double agent. eight people died in that blast, including seven american c.i.a. agents, employees and president obama expected to make a statement at 4:00 o'clock eastern time tomorrow after he meets with his intelligence chief to discuss a failed christmas day bombing of
7:59 pm
northwest flight 253. on this day in 1999, a thing called the euro debuted. it united much of the european continent under a single currency for the first time in more than 1,000 years. initially 11 nations began using euro for banking purposes. but it didn't go that great. a number of those nations resisted the move, including great britain and sweden. critics claim it would cost inflation and destroy the identity of individual countries. when it debuted, it performed very well. strongly in trading against the u.s. dollar and it's continued to do so to this day. in 2002, bureau bills and coins went into public circulation and are now used by folks in more than 16 different countries. but the euro was on the money 11 years ago today. now you know the news. with limited commercial interruptions, i like that. makes the time go by. 57

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